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Virtual Simulation Programmes

Virtual Simulation Programme Framework


WeHiro's Virtual Simulation Programme enables participants to connect to the distinct social needs of our community and connect with others alike through digital means.

Crafted with David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle framework in mind, the Virtual Simulation Programme utilises the four stages of the Experiential Learning Cycle to cultivate Awareness, Empathy, Ownership and Action in participants.


At the end of the programme, participants will become more socially responsible with regard to the issues faced by various community groups in our society.

Credits: University of Windsor

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Virtual Ageing Simulation Experience

Social Isolation

With the new norm of working from home and home-based learning, many of us have experienced a sense of isolation from others due to limited social interaction.


Through our Virtual Ageing Simulation experience, participants will be able to experience how socially isolated seniors are more severely affected due to limited digital connectivity and interaction.

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"An impactful simulation that compels me to reflect and set realistic commitments to help the seniors within my community."

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"The simulation exercise helped me to become more aware of how social isolation impacts our seniors. Through it, I was able to empathise more and it even got me thinking about what I could do to help change the lives of our seniors and make it better."

"An immersive simulation that evokes the sense of doing more through empathising. Questions posed are those that many would not often ponder about, asking us to think about the potential struggle we may face when we get older."


Virtual Inequality Simulation Experience

Role-Play Simulation

Through our Virtual Inequality Simulation experience,

take on the role of a family member in a low-income family and experience the complexities of having to make decisions beyond the financial constraints - with a deeper understanding of the social and emotional needs

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"The program was very engaging and helped raised more awareness on certain social issues. it also went more than surface level about social issues especially when talking about volunteering and food donation."

I like the scenarios. It was very immersive... I have to discuss with my "family" for every decision I make.

virtual role play 2.png

"The simulation was fun as we had a chance to communicate and discuss with one another while playing different roles, in terms of how we would spend using our finances. It was also a reality check... made me realise the sacrifices that needed to be made for low-income families."

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