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Our Flagship Programme

Ageing Simulation Programme

Programme Framework

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Image: University of Windsor

The Ageing Simulation Programme enables participants to step into the shoes of seniors and experience the different challenges they face. Crafted with the David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle framework in mind, the Ageing Simulation Programme utilises the four stages of the Experiential Learning Cycle (concrete learning, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation) to cultivate Awareness, Empathy, Ownership and Action in participants.


Participants experience what it feels like to live the lives of an elderly through 4 stations as part of the program:

1) Elderly Poverty Simulation

2) Dementia Simulation

3) Social Isolation

4) Nursing Home Simulation


At the end of the programme, participants will become more socially responsible with regards to the social issues faced by seniors in our community.

The Experience

Cardboard Collection Simulation

In the Cardboard Collection Simulation, participants will be able to experience the daily challenges of elderly cardboard collectors who go through the hard labor of going around and collecting cardboard, wearing a ‘suit’ that bends their back as they carry out the activity. Through the simulation, participants will be able to feel the struggles of having to strain themselves while engaging in the activity of cardboard collection.


Dementia Simulation

In the Dementia simulation, participants will experience what it’s like to be in the shoes of an elderly person with a severe case of dementia as they put on a set of equipment to simulate common physical ailments that you have as you get older. As they complete some simple tasks in the simulated environment, participants will be able to feel the emotions and physical constraints that prevent them from completing the tasks easily.


Social Isolation Simulation

In the Social Isolation simulation, participants will go through a visualisation exercise to experience what it is like to lose their social connections with friends and family members as they age. Participants will be able to feel that sense of loneliness and loss through the exercise as they "get older".

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Nursing Home Simulation

In the Nursing Home simulation, participants will be able to experience a scheduled timetable similar to most nursing homes in Singapore, going through activities like what it is like to sleep, bathe, have meals and engage in recreational time. Through the simulation, participants will be able to feel a loss of autonomy and identity as a person as their choices are limited.

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Wei Lin

Project Director

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

"Camp Hiro has been one of the highlights of my Community Service Clubs (CSC) journey. Camp Hiro has made me more determined to serve seniors better as I now understand better about the struggles they go through after completing various activities while in an ageing suit. I strongly encourage youths to go through the Camp Hiro experience."

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Tiffany Koh

Head of Department

Unity Secondary School

"The team from WeHiro understands the crux of service-learning and is able to break down social issues that is easy for our student leaders to understand, empathize and act upon. Their dedication and efforts to facilitate and walk our students through their planning have certainly added value to our students' learning."


Khartika Sharif


Strategic Management

"The activities carried out as part of the Ageing Simulation Programme were thought-provoking and engaging. We appreciate the concept behind WeHiro and see that a lot of thought had gone into the development of the activities for the simulation programme."


Sarah & Debra

Group Strategic Marketing & Communication

"It was a great experience working with the WeHiro team. The workshop was very insightful and participants gleaned a better understanding of what seniors in the community are experiencing, which was very helpful when they volunteered at the nursing home later that day.

I would highly recommend the ageing workshops to any organisations or individuals interested in understanding more about challenges faced by seniors."


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