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Physical Simulation Programmes


Ageing Simulation Programme

Step into the daily life of an elderly & experience the challenges they face in the community.


Inequality Simulation Programme

Experience the complexities of inequality in Singapore & reflect on the different opportunities and barriers faced by vulnerable groups. 


Inclusivity Simulation Programme

Through the awareness of the diversity that exists & the importance of practicing empathy in action, we aim to encourage a spirit of active citizenry and the practice of inclusivity.


Active Citizenry Programme

Take your first steps to contribute actively to the progress of the community, as an informed and responsible citizen.

Virtual Simulation Programmes


WeHiro offers virtual versions of all our experiential simulation programmes!

Our programmes enables individuals to step into the shoes of individuals & reflect upon the experiences they face in our community.

To cater to our digitally-savvy audiences both locally and overseas, we have adapted our programmes online & enhanced our engagement through the use of digital tools to facilitate deeper reflections.

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