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About Us

Who we are, our journey and why we do what we do

A Social Enterprise that seeks collective effort of the community to bring about greater social change.

"A Small City, with Big Hearts"

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Our Mission

To create awareness and empathy through impactful experiences

Our Vision

Every individual with a heart for the community

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Our Social Goals

To foster awareness and empathy

To empower individuals

To inspire action

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and what we truly believe in...

Our Core Values






Our Journey

We were previously known as Camp Hiro & now we have rebranded ourselves as WeHiro.

The 'We' in our name emphasises our vision to rally the community to create greater social change and 'Hiro' was derived from the Japanese name which translated to generosity or 'big-heartedness'.


Camp Hiro conducted the Ageing Simulation Programme for our first paying customer. 
As the semi-finalists and runner-up to receive Popularity Award for SIF Young Social Entrepreneurs 2017.


Conducted Ageing Simulation Program for international audiences as part of SIF Connects. Coordinated visits to nursing homes for DBS People of Purpose initiative.


Camp Hiro was incorporated and awarded with $1000 from NP The Sandbox Kickstart Fund.


Camp Hiro was awarded the Outstanding Enterprise Team Award by Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Launched YES! Festival which attracted 221 youths & seniors.


Camp Hiro rebranded to become WeHiro with a new outlook and a new programme on poverty was launched.

Our Team

Jacey Ong


Operations & Business Development

Jacey is the brain behind WeHiro.

She is responsible for the thought-process behind every step the organisation takes and ensures that every program is executed well. She never lets good work go unnoticed and always strives to bring value to the community. Her passion to bring to light social issues through WeHiro and in her daily life motivates her to do more.

She knows many good food places and sometimes cracks lame jokes to have a good laugh with the team.

Abigail Fernandez


Finance & Communications

Abigail is the workhorse of WeHiro.

She is responsible for making sure everyone on the team achieves their goals and paid on time. She also works hard to ensure more people learn about WeHiro. Through WeHiro she hopes to be able to help other youths realize that they too can do something to solve social issues in the community. 


She is a movie and meme fanatic. Sometimes you can catch her laughing at her phone and soon you will receive a funny meme from her.

Yong Hao


Innovations & Community Development

Yong Hao is the ideas machine of WeHiro.

He is responsible for coming up with new ideas that WeHiro can explore to tackle a social issue. He is always quick to think of innovative ways to solve every day problems. To him, every social issue is complex and is never a one-man job. He hopes to equip youths with the knowledge and the “want” to address social issues. 

He loves animals and his favorite animal is a cat. He will also send funny stickers to the team to cheer us up.


Business Development

Ying Xuan

Programme & Community


Programme & Community

Hui Min

Programme & Marketing


Programme & Community

Qing Ru

Innovation & Design

Our Engagements

A Social Enterprise that seeks collective effort of the community to bring about greater social change.

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